Dynamic Games

School // December 12-18

Invited Lecturers

O. Gossner (CNRS-PSE and LSE)
R. Laraki (Ecole Polytechnique and UPMC)
J. Renault (TSE U Toulouse 1)
S. Sorin (UPMC)
T. Tomala (HEC)
Y. Viossat (U Paris-Dauphine)


• Repeated games
(stochastic, incomplete information)
• Supergames
(Folk theorem, signals, reputation)
• Dynamics
(evolution, learning)

Workshop // December 19-21


Plenary speakers:
Josef Hofbauer (U Vienna)
Philip Reny (U Chicago)
Nicolas Stier-Moses (Columbia U)

Invited speaker: Mihai Manea (MIT)

M. Bravo (U de Chile), R. Cominetti (U de Chile), J. Correa (U de Chile), J. Escobar, (U de Chile), O. Gossner (CNRS-PSE, LSE), R. Harrison (PUC Chile), P. Jara (USACH), A. Jofré (U de Chile), R. Laraki (Ecole Polytechnique and UPMC), V. Perchet (U Diderot Paris 7), M. Oliu-Barton (UPMC), J. Renault (TSE U Toulouse 1), S. Sorin (UPMC), T. Tomala (HEC), X. Venel (TSE U Toulouse 1), Y. Viossat (U Paris-Dauphine)


CMM and the organizers will support accommodations for PhD or advanced undergraduate students during the School and Workshop. In some cases, we will also support airplane tickets from Latin America.  Please contact ctoledo@dim.uchile.cl.


Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM)
Valparaíso, Chile